Privacy Policy

What Privacy Means for Us:

The only thing that cements the relationship between clients and their retail shop of choice is the protection of the client’s information. This is why the team of individuals working at Galaxy Jackste makes it their business to protect what you entrust to us.

Every syllable and letter of information you provide us will be taken with us to our graves. The honest reality is that we will require you to provide us with some information that we don’t know about you. And we will require this information in order to make sure that you are able to get exactly what you ordered and that it will satisfy you as our shopper. Therefore any and all pieces of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you entrust onto us will be used for your benefit only.

What Information Do We Need?

In plain words, we will require all the information that any clothing retailer usually requires. This will not only require your correct sizing and fitting, but rather it will also require your complete address along with your name and email address. In short, anything and everything will make it easier for us to reach out to you in the shortest span of time.

How Will We Collect Your Information:

We prefer two direct and quick ways to collect information from you. And we use a combination of the two wherever necessary.
Either we get all of the information from you directly when you enter it at the time of checking out. This is easy and convenient and can be done by either emailing us or filling out forms on our website or even through direct message.
And we can also track your digital behavior with our site. All the cookies and visitors on our site help us gather PII. We tract you exactly where you lead us. Where you click and how you choose to respond.

Are Cookies Necessary?

Cookies are absolutely necessary for us since we are able to store your information for the next time that you visit. Galaxy Jackets uses cookies to recognize you the next time you log in with us. This ensures that all of the details you provide are placed together, and there is no missing information.

Privacy Protection Act and Underage Protection:

We are nothing but a front of peace, which is why we at Galaxy Jackets make it a point to actively participate in the Children’s Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA). We want to protect underage kids who could accidentally enter wrong information. This is why all of our products are only delivered to people who are not underage.

How We Use Your Information:

We want your experience with us to be a happy one, and in order for that to become a reality, we aim for your ease. We provide expert services and get your order and deliver the right order to you in the smoothest manner possible.
We will never use click baits or anything that will waste your time. Any and all fraud and hackers are banned on our platform.

Why We Share Our Policies With You:

We do not want our customers to ever feel that we are out of reach. We will never be too busy not to respond to you in time. So whatever you buy and whatever queries you have, you can always count on Galaxy jackets to clear out the confusion and make your shopping experience safe and exciting!