Shipping Policy

Essential Information About Shipping and Delivery:

Galaxy Jackets takes pride in shipping and delivering on time. And we also strive to make the experience for you a pleasurable one. Everything within our shipping and delivery policy is followed to the dot. So we made it our job to give you a brief and honest image of what our shipping policy actually entails. To begin with, all of our orders are dispatched and delivered within 10 to 12 working days.

As soon as the payment clearance is ensured, the order is shipped. We also provide you with specified tracking numbers and all of the details of the order. The tracking number will help you do just that and track your order. And our customer support service is always available for any queries you have regarding your order.

Access the ID for Tracking:

We are also associated with the best internationally renowned delivery service providers with our exceptional delivery and shipping policy. We affiliate with delivery providers like TNT, DHL, UPSC, SkyNet Worldwide Express, and DPEX worldwide express. And with our specifically generated tracking order details and numbers, you can stay in touch with all of these providers too. 

When our parcels are shipped and are not received by you due to any reason, it could cause a problem for you. So we suggest you let your neighbor know that your parcel is out for delivery today. So that someone else can keep your parcel safe, this will save you the discomfort of further delay.

Authentic Details:

Galaxy jackets are always looking for ways to give you the most relaxing experience while shopping with us. This is why we encourage you to provide us with your authentic details. We will require everything from your name to your PO Box address, just so that you get your order perfectly on time. Also, provide the exact physical address too. We also require your email address so that we can reach out to you.

Notification for Confirmation:

Galaxy jackets always send a confirmation email whenever your order has been confirmed. You will know that you have done your part in this manner, and now it is our time to pack and ship. The confirmation ea=mail will contain all of your shipping details, and it will also have your invoice, so you can check the amount you have to pay or have paid. Remember to place your order again if you are unable to receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

Policy Regarding Damage or Misplaced Product:

Galaxy Jackets is a brand that always looks for customer satisfaction. We control everything that we are able to control. From manufacturing the finest leather jackets to the shipping and delivery, we handle all factors that we can so that you get a smooth and worry-free experience. However, if you are not able to track your parcel or have missed your tracking number, do contact us for any reason. Any money that you have already dispatched will be reversely transacted through PayPal or credit card. In any case, if you find that the item you ordered is damaged or not to your liking, our customer service providers will be here to assist you. 

Duration of Delivery:

We at Galaxy Jacket realize how much excitement one can have when one places an order online. We know that everyone waits with all their heart for the delivery of their order. All of our orders are delivered within 2 to 5 days. If our orders ever take long to deliver do reach us and contact us.

Gift Making Policy:

We make sure that all of our orders are delivered without the hassle of government red tape. And for occasions you want to gift your friends, we can get the package marked as a gift. For further information regarding our gifting policy, feel free to contact our customer support service.

International Shipping:

All of our jackets are shipped all around the world. That is why you will be able to find attires that suit all climates. The weather will always feel nice when you have the right attire to go with it. From the UK and Europe to Asian countries and the US, you will get all your products on time. Also, all of our products are only sent for delivery after they have gone through quality control so that you get nothing but the best no matter where you are in the world.